Michael Maranda



“Scrutiny only deepens the mystery.”
The Montreal Gazette, 4 April 1998
Henry Lehmann

Michel Gérard Maranda’s installation, History (aufhebung), at Galerie B312, has to do with repetition and the non-persistence of memory. Don’t expect to find a melting watch somewhere behind the 1,100 little drawings fastened row after row to the gallery walls. In fact, a time bomb is more likely.

Each small element represents a kind of emotional “tick.” Like the work of Schwarz, that of Maranda can be understood as language or as pure écriture, no strings attached. Each little sheet of paper contains a kind of blob — often a leaf-shape — produced by pencil at times so obsessively applied that the paper begins to look like beaten silver.

And, in the case of Maranda’s art of ideas and latent anger — understandable given that Maranda is currently a doctoral student — more is truly a great deal more, with the paper and the little pins that hold it to the wall, adding up to a poetry of time.

The charm of this work is preciseIy that it doesn’t grab attention — it just sort of gets to you.

Michel Gerard Maranda's History is at galerie B312, 372 Ste-Catherine St W., Room 312, to April 18 [1998].