Michael Maranda


The Three Critiques of Immanuel Kant

two volumes, each 30x24x12cm
handbound books, edition of three

statement .  .  .

The three critiques of Immanuel Kant (The Critique of Pure Reason,The Critique of Practical Reason,and The Critique of Judgement) are the most comprehensive expression of analytic thought. Of particular influence, for the understanding of art and aesthetics, is the third text in this series. To approach these texts is to approach the entire tradition of Western metaphysics since the enlightenment.

In this project, I have taken these three books (in the 'standard' English translations) and collectively analysed them. Volume 1 of this project consists of all the letters used in the three texts, arranged in alphabetical order. Volume 2 consists of all the punctuation and the numerals used in the three texts, in this case laid out on the page as they appear in the original texts.

exhibitions .  .  .


•  Group. “Alpha Beta Data,” Akau Inc. (Toronto ON), curated by Cheryl Sourkes


•  Solo. “Bibliomania,” University of Lethbridge Art Gallery (Lethbridge AB), curated by Josephine Mills


•  Solo. “Recent Books,” Lutrin de l’étude (Montréal)


•  Group. “Superlatives,” Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon)

reviews .  .  .


•  Dault, Gary Michael. “Gallery Going: Review of Alpha Beta Data” The Globe and Mail (12 August 2006), p R11.

collections .  .  .

•  Mendel Art Gallery