Michael Maranda


‘The Theory of irregular verbs’

1 cm x 6.5 km
toner on paper

statement .  .  .

“… a sigh, it sees itself incessantly forced away from its infinite divine task, of perfecting 'the Theory of Irregular Verbs,' —to finite terrestrial tasks, which latter have still a significance for us. It is the cynosure of revolutionary France, this National Assembly. All work of Government has fallen into its hands, or under its control; all men look to it for guidance. In the middle of that huge Revolt of Twenty-five millions, it hovers always aloft as Carroccio or Battle-Standard, impelling and impelled, in the most confused way; if it cannot give much guidance, it will still seem to give … .”
                               – Thomas Carlyle, History of the French Revolution

How long is history?

(The text of Carlyle's History of the French Revolution on a single continuous strip of paper.)

exhibitions .  .  .


•  Group and Residency. “Main d'ouevre,” Quatier éphémére (at Usines éphémére, St-Ouen cedex Paris)

reviews .  .  .


•  Viau, René. “Main d'oeuvre à Saint-Ouen” La Presse (9 June 1999), p.B1.