Michael Maranda


curriculum vitae

exhibitions .  .  .


• “POSTSCRIPT: Writing After Conceptual Art”, MCA Denver (Denver CO), touring, curated by Andrea Andersson

• “ARTFORUMx,” Artexte (Montréal QC), solo

• title TBD, Neutral Ground (Regina SK), curated by JG Hampton

• “Unbound,” Dalhousie Art Gallery (Halifax NS), curated by Peter Dykhuis

• “ARTFORUMx,” Art Metropole (Toronto ON), solo


• ABC Artists’ Book Cooperative, Printed Matter (New York)

• Montréal Biennal (Montréal QC)

• “After Reasonable Research,” Printed Matter (New York)

• “Follow-Ed (after Hokusai),” The Winchester Gallery (Winchester UK), touring

• “Possibility of a Book,” Sommer Gallery Project Space (Tel Aviv, Isreal)


• “In the Stacks,” *Queenspecific, as part of Printopolis (Toronto ON), curated by Barbara Balfour

• “The Perverse Library,” Shandy Hall, The Laurence Sterne Trust (UK), curated by Information as Material

• “A to B,” MKG127 (Toronto ON), curated by Micah Lexier


• “Stefan Schuelke zeigt Künstlerbücher,” Büro BQ (Berlin)


• “Less is More: The Poetics of Erasure,” Simon Fraser University Art Gallery (Vancouver BC), curated by Bill Jeffries

• “Section Label Project,” Monkey’s Paw bookshop (Toronto ON)

• “The Inarticulate Mark,” Type Books (Toronto ON), part of the Scream festival

• “Not Quite How I Remember It,” The Powerplant (Toronto ON), curated by Helena Reckitt

• “txt,” Anna Leonowens Gallery (Halifax, NS)

• “Excision,” 20+3 projects (Manchester UK)


• “Too Many Words,” Helen Pitt Gallery (Vancouver BC)

• “Titles,” exhibition organised by the wayupwaydown collective, travelling to numerous bookstores and galleries


• “Alpha Beta Data,” Akau inc. gallery (Toronto ON), curated by Cheryl Sourkes


• “Breath and intonation,” Akau inc. gallery (Toronto), solo


• “Bibliophilia,” University of Lethbridge Art Gallery (Lethbridge AB), curated by Josephine Mills

• “Traductions,” Occurence (Montréal), two person w/ Michelle Gay

• “Decoy,” YYZ Artists Outlet (Toronto ON), solo


• “Recent books,” Lutrin de l’etude (Montréal QC), solo


• “Decoy,” Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon SK), solo

• “Ariel Farm Photography,” toured by the Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina SK), curated by Helen Marzolf


• “Invisible Hand,” AKA gallery (Saskatoon SK), solo

• “Invisible Hand,” Axe Neo-7 (Hull QC), solo


• “Superlatives,” Mendel Art Gallery, curated by Robert McKaskell


• “Main d’ouevre,” Quatier éphémére (at Usines éphémére, St-Ouen cedex Paris)?


• “History [aufhebung],” Galerie B312 (Montréal QC), solo

• “The Postcard Project,” Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina SK)


• “Techne,” Hartnett Gallery, University of Rochester


• “fY,” Library Gallery (University of Rochester), solo


• “Visible Sites, Visual Signs,” Hartnett Gallery


• “Garden,” (public site intervention/installation; various sites in Montréal)

• “Stories Told me by my Grandmother,” (Video screening), in How Do I Look, Concordia University


• “Spheroramas/Shadowgraffities,” Galerie Stornaway (Montréal), two person w/ Brian Mulvihill

• “Landscape,” The Photographers Gallery — working gallery (Saskatoon), solo


• “Systemic Interference” (performance), in Interventions 90, AKA Gallery

• “Under Twenty-Six and Under-Exposed” (curatorial project), AKA Gallery


• “Re-levate” (video screening), in SK Film and Video Showcase (Saskatoon)

• “Sight Unseen,” Eastern Edge Gallery (St Johns NF)


• “Summer Exposures,” AKA Gallery

• “Cows, &c,” The Photographers Gallery – members space (unjuried), solo

artists’ books .  .  .

• Jacques Lacan: Erratum of the Four Fundamental Concepts of Psycho-Analysis (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2011), 1 volume, open edition.

• ARTFORUMx (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2010/11), multiple volumes, open edition.

• Good & Evil (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2010), 1 volume, open edition.

• The Three Critiques of Immanuel Kant, 2nd rev edition (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2010), 1 volume, open edition.

• The Books of Geneses (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2010), 1 volume, open edition.

• Twentysix gasoline stations, 2.0 (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2010), 1 volume, open edition.

• Un coup de dés n’abolira le hasard: Livre (Toronto: Art Metropole, 2008), 1 volume, edition of 400.

• Lost Books series (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2007), 5 volumes, open editions.

• Herman Melville: Four Percent of Moby Dick (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2006), 1 volume, open edition.

• Marcel Proust: All the names in ‘In Search of Lost Time’ (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2006), 2 volumes, open edition.

• Syntatic Analyses [trade edition] (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2005/09), 100 volumes, open edition.

• In situ selections of Gibbon’s Decline and Fall (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2005), 1 volume, edition of 10.

• Gibbon’s Decline and Fall, abridged edition (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2005), 1 volume, edition of 100.

• Wittgenstein’s Corrections (Montreal: Silent Press & Burning Books, 2003), 1 volume, edition of 200. Also as fine press edition of 10.

• Invisible Hand (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2002), 2 volumes, edition of 10.

• The Three Critiques of Immanuel Kant (Saskatoon: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2000), 2 volumes, edition of 3.

• Syntatic Analyses (Saskatoon and Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2000-02), 24 volumes, unique edition.

• Kallos (Montreal: Parasitic Ventures Press, 1992), 1 volume, edition of 10.

• V is for Virus (Montreal: Parasitic Ventures Press, 1992), 1 volume, edition of 10.

• Z is for Zebra (Montreal: Parasitic Ventures Press, 1992), 1 volume, edition of 10.

published writings and portfolios .  .  .

•selections from Twentysix Gasoline ... , Hermann Zschiegner and Jeff Brouws, eds., Various Small Books (Steidl Verlag, forthcoming 2012).

•selections from ten PVP titles, Re-Print: appropriation (&) literature, Annette Gilbert, ed. (Weisbaden: Luxbooks, forthcoming 2012).

•“All the names … (excerpt),” C Dworkin & K Goldsmith, eds., Against Expression (Northwestern U Press, 2010).

•book review of Decentre, C magazine 103 (Fall 2009).

Waging Culture: A report on the socio-economic status of Canadian visual artists (Toronto: AGYU,2009).

•“selections from Wittgenstein’s Corrections,” in Capilano Review 3:7 (Winter 2009).

•“Syntactic Analysis” in Jessica Wyman, ed., Proforma (Toronto: YYZ books, 2007). artist project

•“Archival Treatment,” in Bob Bean, ed., Image and Inscription (Toronto: Gallery 44, 2005). artist project

•“The Reluctant Critic,” BlackFlash 20:1 (2002).

•“(Arrogate) to adopt as a child,” catalogue essay on Ken Jeannotte (Toronto: Gallery 44, 2002).

•“A Response to ‘Fragments of a Work in Progress,’” Interplay 1:4 (The Photographers Gallery, April 1999).

•“Facts,” New Literary History 29:3 (1998).

•“As if through a Glass,” BlackFlash 16:1 (1998).

•“Responses to Christopher Phillips and Jolene Rickard,” in ed. C. Younger. Proceedings: 1995 API NGS. (NY: NYU/Tisch, 1995), p.181, 220-21.

Spheroramas/Shadowgraphities (Montréal: Galerie Stornaway, 1991). exhibition catalogue

•“Re: Contextualisation,” in Passages 8 (Banff Centre for the Arts, June 1990). artist project

books edited and/or published .  .  .

•Philip Monk, Glamour is Theft: A User’s Guide to General Idea (Toronto: AGYU, forthcoming 2012).

•Matthew Barney and Brandon Stosuy, title TBD (Toronto: The Book Bakery, forthcoming 2012).

•Tom Koken, Undertow (Toronto: The Book Bakery, forthcoming 2012).

•Ken Nicol, 100 things (Toronto: The Book Bakery, forthcoming 2012).

•Heidi Scheafer, Car Bomb – First Half Second (Toronto: The Book Bakery, forthcoming 2012).

Diane Borsato (Toronto: AGYU, forthcoming 2012).

Oliver Husain: Spoiler Alert (Toronto: AGYU, forthcoming 2012).

•Amir Brito Cador, Night Visit to the Library. (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press and The Book Bakery, 2011).

•Paul P. and Scott Treleaven, The Radiant Guest (Toronto: The Book Bakery, 2011).

•Andrew Kaufman, Selected Business Correspondence (Toronto: The Book Bakery, 2011).

•Pasha Malla, Why We Fight (Toronto: The Book Bakery, 2011).

•T. Southey & W. Alsop, It Must be as Tall as a Lighthouse (Toronto: The Book Bakery, 2011).

Alex Wolfson and Bojana Stancic: And so, the animal looked back … (Toronto: AGYU, 2011).

DONKY@NINJA@WITCH: Fastwürms (Toronto: AGYU, 2011).

Carla Zaccagnini: no. it is opposition. (Toronto: AGYU, 2010).

•Christof Migone, The Rise and Fall of the Sounds and Silence of Mars. (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2011).

no. it is opposition. (Toronto: AGYU, 2010).

And while I have been lying here perfectly still: The Saskia Olde Wolbers Files (Toronto: AGYU, 2009).

Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins: Project for a New American Century (Toronto: AGYU, 2009).

•Mike Hoolboom, et alia, Projecting Questions (Toronto: AGYU, 2009).

•Carla Zaccagnini, Catalogue Traduit (Toronto: AGYU, 2008).

Matthew Brannon: To Say the Very Least (Toronto: AGYU, 2008).

Dissassembling the Archive: Fiona Tan (Toronto: AGYU, 2007).

•Sandra Rechico, whereabouts (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2006).

•Daniel Olson, Notes on the Book (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2006).

•Daniel Cockburn, Visible Vocals (Toronto: Parasitic Ventures Press, 2006).

reviews & catalogues .  .  .

•Annette Gilbert, ed., Wiederaufgelegt. Zur Appropriation von Texten und Büchern in Büchen, (Bielefeld: transcript verlag, forthcoming 2012). academic conference proceedings with four contributions dealing with Parasitic Ventures Press.

•Emily Keeler, “They Become What They Behold…”, The Toronto Standard (posted 3 February 2012).

•Jakub Bak, “Pszyjemnosc Druku: Saprofagi, Czyli Ksiazki Zerujace,” Dwuty Godnik 74 (posted January 2012).

•Erin Hatfield, “Baking books in Parkdale,” Inside Toronto (posted 14 August 2011).

•Jordan Whitehouse, “Cookin’ the Books,” The Grid (30 June 2011).

•Vit Wagner, “Book Bakery set to unveil first titles,” The Toronto Star (26 June 2011)

•Zoe Whittal, “The Book Bakery Rises in Parkdale,” Quill and Quire online (posted 11 April 2011).

•N. Atkinson, “Cooking the books: the Book Bakery luxuriates in small-press literature,” The National Post (1 April 2011).

•Jason McBride, “The Book Bakery’s Literary Recipe,” The Toronto Standard (posted 6 April 2011).

•Becky Toyne, “A library in the palm of your hand...”, Open Book Toronto (posted 11 March 2011).

•Derrick Koo, “The Book Bench: Analogue to Digital”, The New Yorker online (posted 10 November 2010).

•Brian Joseph Davis, review of 4% of Moby Dick and S Rechico’s whereabouts, Eye Magazine (1 March 2007).

•Gary Michael Dault, review of “Alpha, Beta, Data” The Globe and Mail (12 August 2006), p. R11.

•Josephine Mills, ed., On Collecting (Lethbridge: University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, 2005).

•Nancy Tousley. “On Bibliophilia: Possession,” catalogue essay in On Collecting.

•Kevin Temple. review of Wittgenstein’s Corrections, The Globe and Mail (8 November 2004), pp. R1, R4.

•Corinna Ghaznavi. review of “Decoy,” Espace 69 (Fall 2004), p. 44-45.

•Yam Lau. review of “Decoy,” Parachute 115 (July 2004), p.8 of para-para.

•Peter Goddard. review of “Decoy,” The Toronto Star (20 March 2004).

•Yam Lau. review of Wittgenstein’s Corrections, Espace 68 (Summer 2004), p. 45.

•Tim Lilburn. “The Ascesis of the Object,” YYZ newsletter. exhibition catalogue

•Sheila Robertson. “Something Useful Salvaged,” Saskatoon Star Phoenix (23 February 2002), p. E14.

•Sigrid Dahle. “White Out,” Bordercrossings 20:3 (September 2001), p. 82-84.

•René Viau. “Main d’oeuvre à Saint-Ouen” La Presse (9 June 1999), p.B1.

•Kalliopi Nikolopoulou. “D’une disparition a l’autre, etc ...” Cahier B312 (1998). exhibition catalogue

•Henry Lehmann. “Scrutiny only Deepens the Mystery,” The Montreal Gazette (4 April 1988), p.J6.

•Raphael Lozano-Hemmer. “Technological Correctness,” Leonardo 29:1 (1996).

•Josephine Mills. “Systemic Interference,” Interventions 90 (Saskatoon: AKA Gallery, 1990).

grants, fellowships, residencies & workshops .  .  .


• Canada Council for the Arts Creation Grant


• Toronto Arts Council Visual Arts Grant

• Toronto Arts Council Visual Arts Grant (The Book Bakery)

• Ontario Arts Council Visual Arts Grant (The Book Bakery)


• Toronto Arts Council Visual Arts Grant

• participant in “The Art of Obsolescence” SSHRC research project, Ilan Sandler and Bob Bean lead researchers


• The Banff Centre for the Arts “Babel, Babble, Rabble” residency


• Toronto Arts Council Visual Arts Grant


• Ontario Arts Council “B” Visual Arts Grant


• Toronto Arts Council Visual Arts Grant


• The Banff Centre for the Arts “new works” residency


• Saskatchewan Art Board “B” Visual Arts grant

• Canada Council “B” Visual Arts grant

• Simon Fraser University Summer Intensive Publishing Workshops

• SaskCulture Professional Development grant


• Usines éphéméres, St-Ouen (cedex Paris), artist-in-residence

• Magazines Canada circulation intensive

• SaskCulture Professional Development grant


• Folger Institute (Washington DC) “Motivating History” seminar with Keith Moxey


• Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam, visiting researcher

• American Photography Institute National Graduate Seminar, New York, fellow

• University of Rochester Conference travel grant


• Saskatchewan Arts Board Research “B” grant

• SSHRC doctoral fellowship (4 year tenure)

• University of Rochester Conference travel grant


• University of Rochester Doctoral fellowship (6 year tenure)


• The Banff Centre for the Arts artist-in-residence scholarship (photography department)

• Concordia dean of students project grant


• Canada Council Explorations grant

• Banff Centre artist-in-residence scholarship (photography department)


• Saskatchewan Arts Board project “C” grant

• Canada Council Explorations grant

conferences and lectures .  .  .


• Sunday Scene on Derek Sullivan, The Powerplant

• Financial Advice for Artists, The Drake Underground, organised by C Magazine, panelist


• Buy(ing) the Numbers: Waging Culture, Leonard and Ellen Bina Gallery


• Negotiations: Keynote Panel, Scream Festival 2008


• Test Reading Series, Mercer Union, curated by Mark Truscott


• Guest artist lecture, University of Lethbridge, artist talk


• Guest artist lecture, Sheridan/U of Toronto, artist talk


• Art and Text, AKA and TPG galleries, artist talk and panelist


• The Future of the Page, HRU/University of Saskatchewan, presenting “Stet”


• Floating Conversation Series, Dunlop Art Gallery, roundtable participant


• Art History and Interdisciplinarity, Concordia University, presenting “Perhaps once a Giorgione”


• ISO: Cultural Studies in search of Psychoanalysis, University of Rochester, conference coorganiser

• Whose Art is it Anyway? Cummer Museum, Jacksonville, FL, presenting “forging veneration”?


• Constructing the Object, CAA Conference, Boston, presenting “history, work, text”

• (Dis)Placing Nationalism, UC-Irvine, presenting [in abstentia] “mirroring nations”


• Mining the Field/Filling the Blanks, University of Rochester, conference coorganiser

• Cultural Survival/Surviving Culture, University of Rochester, presenting “mirroring nations”


• On the Frame, Yale University, presenting “Flesh and Blood in the Nat’l Gallery”

• Straight with a Twist, M-MLA, Chicago, presenting “Real Co-ordinates of Difference”

• Screen-Sites, McGill University, Montréal, Québec, presenting “Faking it in Cyberspace”


• 10th Cdn. Ind. Film and Video Alliance AGM, Toronto, ON, representative for Video Verité


• Plains Ind. Film and Video Conference, Saskatchewan, representative for the Photographers Gallery

education .  .  .


University of Rochester, NY
MA, PhD (abd), Visual and Cultural Studies (diss title: “The Inevitability of Art History”)

1988-89, 1990-92

Concordia University, Montréal, PQ
BFA, photography


University of Ottawa, ON
BSSc, political science

related experience .  .  .


• Assistant Curator
Art Gallery of York University, Toronto


• Director of Operations
Mercer Union, Toronto

2001– 2006

• associate publisher
Fuse magazine, Toronto

1998 – 2001

• managing editor
Blackflash magazine, Saskatoon


• programming committee
The Photographers Gallery, Saskatoon


• sessional lecturer of art history (AH120.4)
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon


• adjunct lecturer of photography and drawing (Photo I–IV; Drawing I)
University of Rochester, Rochester NY


• teaching assistant for Roger Mertin (Photo I–IV)
University of Rochester, Rochester NY


• chairperson
Video Verité, Saskatoon

• board member (publications chair)
Photographers Gallery, Saskatoon

• visual arts selection committee
AKA Gallery, Saskatoon